Gems | iOS Universal Geolocation Hunting Game Template (Swift)

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  • July 30, 2023

Portfolio Description

Gems is a Universal Game Template with geolocation where you have to collect as many gems as you can around your area. The app gets your current location when you sign up for the first time and randomly generates a few new Gems around your area, so you can walk or drive around to get closer and get them. once you’ve collected all gems of a round, the app gets your current location again and generates other Gems, so you don’t have to manually insert them into your own parse Dashboard.
This game has a built-in Top Hunters leaderboard where you can see scores from all users around the world and where they got their Gems.
You can edit your Identity (username and avatar image)m check and share your Statistics on social networks, Mail and SMS.

Since its backend is by Parse Server, you don’t have to buy any domain/hosting, there are NO php files to upload to a web server so you’ll save some money for server side.

Gems is a native XCode project, Swift language, Storyboard, Universal, super easy to customize, backend with Parse SDK hosted on